More Than a Vacation

MORE THAN A VACATION | Spring Break Opportunities at UCA 

UCA students have been working hard and hitting the books all semester, and the light at the end of the midterm tunnel—spring break—is almost in sight. Spring break is often seen as a time to take a quick vacation before powering through the rest of the semester, but some students use it as a time to get some hands-on learning experience. Whether you do so on your own or through UCA, here are a few ways you can have more than a vacation.

Go on a trip related to your field of study

Some of the greatest learning opportunities are the ones that happen outside of the classroom, and spring break is the perfect time to take advantage of them. In 2016, a group of UCA anthropology students took a class on the cultures and landscapes of the Southwest with Dr. Eric Bowne, Dr. Duncan McKinnon and Crystal Bowne. The group of students and professors traveled to New Mexico and spent the week exploring ruins, museums and parks, and even got to take part in a Native ceremony. This spring break, even more anthropology students will have the opportunity to take this trip—other students are headed to New Mexico to see all they’ve learned in action. UCA offers countless opportunities like these throughout the year, and if you can find one in your field of study, it’s worth taking advantage.


This year during spring break, Bear Boots on the Ground is taking a service-focused trip to New Orleans. This service opportunity includes environmental, human care, grassroots and more. Students will volunteer during the day and take in the unique music, food and culture of New Orleans in the evenings. At UCA, we understand the importance of hands-on learning and experiences outside of the classroom. That’s why we’re proud to offer our students a variety of experiences like this.


Shadow somewhere interesting

If you’re looking for a way to fill a week of no classes, take advantage of shadowing opportunities. No matter what you hope to do after graduation, shadowing gives you practical experience and helps you to make valuable connections that may help you out down the road. Plenty of UCA friends and alumni would be happy to have students shadow them, so take advantage of your UCA network.

If you’re worried that any spring break not spent at the beach will be boring and exhausting, don’t be! Spending the week learning more about something that you’re genuinely interested in can be just as refreshing and may even feel like a vacation. At UCA, we offer students many chances to get outside the classroom, so don’t miss out on any of them.

Eric Rob Isaac