From Conway to New York City, Graham Gordy is proof that with the right tools, you can make anything happen. Born and raised right here in Conway by his mother who was a history professor at UCA, he was no stranger to Bear Country.

Growing up with an interest in acting and plays, he remembers the moment he fell in love with the stage at the age of nine. Not only was his passion a driving force in his success, but he also attributes it to his incredible training he got at UCA.

When he began his first class at New York University, he was intimidated by the number of aspiring playwrights in the program. He remembers being 10 months in and realizing he was there to stay. “Because of the diversity of training UCA gave me, I hung in. I was doing okay.”

Not only did UCA help shape Gordy’s future, but he is now taking his experience and knowledge to help shape the future of current UCA students.

“It’s been really great to come in and teach a class on tv writing to really smart students that are far more advanced in these skills than I was at 21 or 22 years old.”

Our mission at UCA is to give students the tools they need to take their passions and turn them into careers. Graham Gordy is just one of many stories that shows our dedication to students success.

“You have so much more one-on-one dedication from the professors. It’s mind blowing to see the opportunity that these students have. When you go UCA, you can go anywhere.”