Managing School Stress


You might not know about Stress Awareness Day (it was Wednesday, November 1, btw), but that’s okay. COLLEGE STUDENTS KNOW PLENTY ABOUT STRESS. Huge life transition? Check. New classes? Check. Major responsibility? Double check. But that doesn’t mean stress has to swamp you! Read on for simple ways to keep calm during college.



Need help handling stress? The UCA Counseling Center is home to a team of counselors and psychologists – along with master’s-level graduate trainees – providing mental health services on campus. Their mission is to help students and faculty effectively meet life’s demands and challenges.

Each year for the last two years, the center has seen more than 500 students for one or more counseling sessions. Although students present a wide range of concerns, the five most frequent are:

  • Feeling depressed
  • Worrying too much
  • Unhappiness
  • Sleep problems
  • Nervousness

All costs associated with these services are included in tuition, so students don’t pay anything for visits. The UCA Counseling Center is located in the Student Health Services Building, Suite 327, and is open Monday through Friday during fall and spring semesters. Call (501) 450-3138 for details or to schedule an appointment.



Get plenty of sleep
Pulling all-nighters is stereotypical college behavior, but sleep deprivation wreaks havoc on physical AND mental health. Try to get seven to nine hours of sleep a night and keep a steady sleep cycle based on the sun. That means going to bed before midnight and getting up in the morning, rather than staying up into the wee hours and sleeping in the afternoon.


Eat well
You’ve heard it a million times: a balanced diet is essential for overall health. But did you know that refined sugars, food dyes and fast food can zap your energy and leave you even more vulnerable to stress? Fuel your mind and body with plenty of fruits, veggies and whole grains. And don’t forget the H2O!


When classes and homework and tests are looming large, you might be tempted to hide under the covers. But heading to the HPER will actually help you manage the load. In fact, just 20 minutes of physical activity a day can reduce your stress levels – and UCA students have lots of activities to choose from! Take a hip-hop class, go swimming, practice yoga, play basketball or do whatever else is fun for you.

Say no to energy boosters
Artificial stimulants, including caffeine pills and energy drinks, might get you through an all-night study session. But the inevitable crash takes a real, sometimes scary, toll on your body. It should also go without saying (but we’ll say it anyway) that you should NEVER take someone else’s prescription meds. It’s not just dumb. It’s illegal.


Seriously, put down the phone and just breathe. Constantly tuning into social media, texting and staying glued to screens can keep your mind whirring nonstop. Instead, take a tech break and go for a walk (have you SEEN our beautiful campus??). Read a book. Chat with a friend face to face. Working in calm, mindful moments will give you dedicated time to think, process, plan and dream.

Some content revised from Everyday Health:

Saving Green on Black Friday

Making the Most of Discounts, Deals & Cyber Sales

Let’s be honest. The best thing after Thanksgiving is having leftovers for daaaaaaays. But college students can also find deals that are even sweeter than that last piece of pie. Here’s a roundup of some of the great stuff to snag – and great ways to save – during the biggest shopping frenzy of the year.



If you’ve been eyeing a new laptop, this might be the weekend to get it. Computers and other electronics are some of the most featured doorbuster deals after Thanksgiving, with retailers competing to draw the biggest crowd. Don’t let a slick sales ad mislead you, though. Comparison shop beforehand to figure out what you want and how much you can expect to pay. (Apple also offers education pricing for UCA students. Check out details here:


Bear Hall5.jpg

Typically, small kitchen appliances are priced to move for the holiday shopping season. This is your chance to get a coffeemaker or crockpot for luxury living on campus. (Remember, microwaves must be purchased through UCA, so pass on those. Safety first!) Be sure and check for mail-in rebates on any appliances. Cute comforters, throws, pillows, pajama pants and fuzzy socks are also popular gift items, and you can get them on Black Friday for next to nothing. Cozy!



It’s fun to feel plush sweaters in the store, but Cyber Monday actually offers some of the best clothing deals around Thanksgiving. In fact, according to, Cyber Monday last year had about 50% more Editors' Choice deals than Black Friday or Thanksgiving, and more apparel deals overall. Keep in mind that not all stores offer free shipping, so figure that amount into the final price. Expected offers for this year include:

  • More than 50% off outerwear
  • T-shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts for under $10
  • Men’s dress shirts for under $15
  • Designer brands at half off


Eri campus photos-78 copy.jpg

Okay, TECHNICALLY this isn’t really Black Friday related. But if you love saving money (and what college student doesn’t?), this is a great tip: always ask about a student discount. You might be surprised how many businesses offer an unadvertised discount just for showing your UCA ID card (check out this recent list of 70 companies from Brad’s Deals: Sometimes you can even stack Black Friday deals with your student discount! Although participation varies by store, you could score savings on:

  • Quick-service food chains, as well as locally owned restaurants that support UCA
  • Major clothing retailers and shoe brands, in store and online
  • Big-box electronics and tech stores
  • Movie theatres, musical performances and other entertainment
  • Car insurance (especially if you make good grades)

Whew, that’s a lot of discounts to figure (good thing you studied in those math classes). Have fun and save big, everybody!

Residence Hall Thanksgiving Meal

We’re almost through with the semester. You’re tired. You miss your family. And you’re so, so hungry. A hearty, homemade Thanksgiving dinner is all you’ve been dreaming about for the last couple of weeks, but there’s just one problem – you can’t go home for Thanksgiving break. If you’re one of the students that can’t make the trek for Turkey Day, that doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on having a Thanksgiving dinner. You don’t even need a full kitchen at your disposal – you can make a Thanksgiving meal to rival your mom’s cooking (maybe) from the comfort of your room at UCA.

When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, maybe we come for the turkey, but we definitely stay for the sides. It wouldn’t be a complete meal without them, and thankfully they’re just as tasty coming out of a microwave as they are coming out of an oven.

  • Potatoes - Put the packaged stuff back on the shelf and reach for a fresh potato. Whether you want a sweet one or a mashed one, it’s easy to make in your microwave. Wash your potatoes (one for each person) and place them on a paper towel in your microwave. For four or fives potatoes it’ll take about 18-20 minutes, but you can start checking on them around the 12 minute mark. When your fork glides through the potato easily, you’re good to go. No two potatoes are the same, so dress yours how you like with cheese, sour cream or just plain old butter. It’s really hard to go wrong here.
  • Vegetables - When it comes to making veggies in the microwave, steaming bags are your best friend. You can eat them plain or dress them up, but just pop them in a steaming bag and microwave them for a few minutes – it’s that easy.
  • Quinoa salad “stuffing” - Unfortunately, you won’t be able to put your “stuffing” inside of your turkey like a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but this healthy alternative is the next best thing. It’ll give you some of the same flavors and textures you’d get from stuffing and can be bought pre-made at the grocery store.

It’s the crown jewel of Thanksgiving. You can cook a small turkey (up to 6 lbs) in a microwave, but it’s usually easier to cook a thawed turkey breast. Make sure to cover the turkey in olive oil and seasoning – use the spices that your family uses to give you a taste of home. Place it in a microwave steaming bag or cover it with microwave-safe plastic wrap and cook it for 10 minutes for every pound. Let it sit for about 15 minutes before removing it from the microwave and carving the meat.


For an easy dessert that doesn’t require an oven, but will satisfy all of your pumpkin pie cravings, try this recipe for no-bake mini pumpkin cheesecakes: (


Being away during the holidays can be tough, but making your own Thanksgiving dinner will give you a little taste of home. And it’ll make for some sweet college memories, too!

Month of Gratitude



Ahhh, November. The month of gratitude. We’re thankful for cooler temps (finally!), fall break and home-cooked meals, and especially thankful for the ones who share those things with us. But how can college students ­– many of us sporting full schedules and not-so-full bank accounts – properly express our gratitude to family, friends, role models and more?

Lots of ways, actually.

In fact, you don’t need an abundance of time, money or any other resource to celebrate the good people and good things in your life. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Have something nice to say to someone? Put pen to paper – or keys to screen – and express yourself. A heartfelt, handwritten card or letter sent via snail mail will always be appreciated (and probably kept). Even a sweet Post-It or message scrawled on notebook paper will get tucked into a pocket or saved in a wallet. But a thoughtful email or even text will make someone’s day, too.

Thank a Bear-17.jpg


Tidying up a shared space will earn you big-time brownie points with a roommate, classmate, professor, employee or anyone else in your life. And usually all you need is a little time and elbow grease. Heading home or visiting friends for the holidays? Make up your bed. Clear the dishes. Sweep the kitchen. Walk the dog. Run an errand. Your options go on and on.


Yes, it’s almost painfully simple. But a face-to-face thank you is one of the most powerful ways to show your gratitude. Acknowledge something specific – that great piece of advice that made a difference, the care package that got you through finals, the steady support that means so much – to make it even more special. It doesn’t have to be long. Just let it be sincere.

Thank a Bear-13.jpg


Take your thankfulness one step further by praising the person in front of others. That could be expressing those kind words in front of the whole family around the table, or emailing your department head to point out the professor who goes above and beyond. Post your praise on social media for all the world (or at least your followers) to see. Making it public makes your gratitude go further.

Thank a Bear-14.jpg

We can’t sign off without sharing our own thanks for students, professors, families, supporters and everyone else who makes UCA such a great place to live and learn. Enjoy your November, everyone!

Seasonal Room Decorations

Get Cozy: Decorate Your Room

You’d like to think of your campus residence as your home away from home, but sometimes it can be hard to make it actually feel that way. Now that the air is starting to get chillier and our wardrobe color palettes are starting to get warmer, nothing feels homier than the coziness of fall decor. Don’t let living in a smaller space hold you back from celebrating the season--here are a few ways that you can spruce up your room for fall.

Bring the outside in

One of fall’s defining characteristics is the way it changes the colors of everything outside, so there’s no better way to commemorate the season than through decor inspired by the great outdoors. Pumpkins, leaves, flowers, succulents--they all bring a breath of fresh air into the room. Find some outdoorsy wall decor to help tie the room together.

Use an autumnal color palette

The gorgeous oranges, yellows, and reds of a crisp autumn day don't have to stay tucked away in the trees! Go shopping for seasonal throw pillows and fuzzy blankets in warm and inviting autumnal hues to achieve a pleasant fall atmosphere. They'll not only keep you warm, but they'll make your room feel warm and cozy too!

Find fall scented candles

It’s amazing what the right candle can do to the atmosphere of a room, and fall scents are some of the best out there. The perfect fall scent means something different to everyone, from pumpkin pie to pine trees,, but something about a fall-scented candle just feels nostalgic and familiar. If you live on campus where candles aren’t allowed, try using a wax warmer or a room spray instead.

Be festive, but also be versatile

Just because there are multiple holidays celebrated during the end of the year doesn't mean you have to spend lots of money decorating for every single one of them. A lot of fall decorations can be used all through the season--a good fake pumpkin is perfect for Halloween and will also last you well through Thanksgiving. Find decorations that can work throughout the season and get creative in putting them to use.

The fall season is beautiful outside, and it doesn’t have to be a hassle to make it beautiful inside, too. Get creative, get to decorating and get cozy.

Homecoming at UCA

Full body paint, community engagement, UCA pride, blending of traditions, the list goes on. Homecoming at UCA is an exciting week for students, alumni and the Conway community.

These four guys founded the Bear Den while they were students at UCA, and more than 15 years later, it’s still going strong. The Bear Den is a student-led spirit group that organizes pep-rallies, tailgates, homecoming activities and a variety of other events on campus. Basically, they bring the hype!

We loved hearing these UCA grads reminisce about their favorite parts of homecoming and how important tradition is for our students and alumni. Watch below!

This year, we’re celebrating 110 years of history! Whether you’re a current student, an alumnus or considering making UCA your home for the next four years, we want to see you on campus this week! Check out a partial list of Homecoming 2017 events you don’t want to miss out on below. You can find the full list here.

Thursday, Oct. 26
Presidential Investiture
2 p.m.
Reynolds Performance Hall

Movie Night
7 p.m.
Student Center Ballroom

Friday, Oct. 27
Greg Hunt Memorial Golf Tournament*
8:30 a.m.
Nutters Chapel Golf & Country Club

Homecoming Greek Step Show
7 p.m.
Farris Center

Alumni & Friends Reception*
7 p.m.
Conway Country Club

Saturday, Oct. 28
Half-Century Club Induction & Brunch*
9:30 a.m.
McCastlain Hall

Bear Bash*
2 p.m.
Buffalo Alumni Hall

Homecoming Coronation Parade (sponsored by Nationwide)
3:30 p.m.
Bruce Street

* Denotes ticket or RSVP required.

Just the Facts: UCA Makerspace

The UCA Makerspace launched September 5, and it’s an exciting addition to not only UCA’s campus but also the Conway community.

WHO - UCA Makerspace Powered by the Conductor

WHAT - UCA Makerspace is a place where dreams and ideas come to life. It provides free, public access to cutting-edge equipment and technology – like a library of cool design and manufacturing tools – allowing users to see how far their imaginations can take them. Resources include 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, wood burners and more. Makerspace also offers trainings and field trips.

WHEN - UCA Makerspace is open Tuesday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays are reserved for field trips. Weekly training workshops are available for students and community members, or just come by during regular hours to get a feel for the equipment. You can even submit your design ahead of time so it’s ready for you when you arrive.

WHERE - Makerspace is located on the UCA campus at The Shoppes at Donaghey: 250 Donaghey Ave. #130, Conway.

WHY - UCA is creating opportunities and investing in the future by making high-tech resources accessible to anyone.

WHAT NOW - Click here to learn more or register for classes and events.

Outstanding is an Understatement


UCA’s Board of Trustees and President Houston Davis kicked off a new awards initiative called Bear C.L.A.W.S. (Celebrating the Lofty Achievements of our Wonderful Students). Basically, the award is given to recognize students for being amazing. Yes, really. It’s given to students or groups of students who fall into one of the following categories:

  • International, national and statewide recognition/scholarship awardees

  • Students presenting research at statewide, national or international conferences

  • Students who are recognized with internships at a high level

  • Award-winning RSOs (Registered Student Organizations)

  • New student groups

The first Bear CLAWS awards were given to Lillian McEntire and Anastasiya Klimiankova on August 18. UCA President Houston Davis proposed the award and was excited to see the students recognized.

“UCA has some of the brightest, most accomplished students in our state,” he said. “I thought it would benefit all of us — students, staff and faculty — to see outstanding students being recognized before the [Board of Trustees] at their meetings.”

Meet the Recipient: Lillian McEntire

Claws students at the Board of Trustees Meeting (5 of 5).jpg

Lillian McEntire is a biology, pre-optometry major and honors interdisciplinary studies minor from North Little Rock. The UCA senior is the president and founder of the Food Recovery Network’s Conway chapter (they take food that would be thrown out and donate it to local shelters), which won Outstanding Community Outreach by a Student Organization. She is also involved with Capstone Project, which provides vision care for homeless people in Arkansas and more.

Pretty amazing, right?

As for the CLAWS award, Lillian received it in honor of her work as a UCA Ambassador, and for being named a 2016 Newman Civic Fellow — the only one in the state for that year.

“It was such an honor to be nominated and especially to receive that award from the president and the board,” she said. “I’m really glad they’ve started this initiative because there are so many high-achieving students at UCA that deserve this kind of recognition.”

Meet the Recipient: Anastasiya Klimiankova

Claws students at the Board of Trustees Meeting (3 of 5).jpg

Anastasiya Klimiankova came to UCA from Belarus in Eastern Europe and is studying accounting. Are you ready for this list of accolades? The UCA senior was selected for the CLAWS award for a number of achievements:

  • Recognition as a recipient of the Fred and Malpica Foundation Scholarship for 2017-18

  • Status as the 2016-17 president of UCA’s chapter of Beta Alpha Psi (BAP)

  • First-place award in Best Practices in Strategic Planning at the 2017 BAP Southwest Regional meeting

  • Third-place award for Best Practices in Strategic Planning in the 2017 BAP International Meeting

  • Internship with Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Klimiankova said it’s difficult NOT to succeed in the accounting department at UCA (so humble!), where she has been challenged, supported and encouraged to pursue new ideas in the subject she loves.

“It feels great to be recognized for your hard work and accomplishments,” she said.

We can’t argue with that.

Kudos to President Davis and the UCA Board of Trustees for creating the Bear CLAWS award – and for the many outstanding UCA students who make it such a great idea.

Ultimate Insider Info: Study. Chill. Eat.


We’ve all been there—you’ve got a big test coming up, and you’re trying to stay ahead of the curve by planning plenty of time in advance to study. Or you’ve waited until the night before and you’re trying to stuff your brain with as much information as you possibly can. Either way, you’re going to need a good spot to study, and no matter how hard you try, the distractions in your dorm room are just too tempting. Lucky for you, UCA’s campus is filled with study nooks that are perfect for light reading and late night cramming alike.

Student Center

It’s a popular spot for socializing, but the UCA student center also serves as a favorite place to study on campus. Study rooms upstairs offer a quiet, distraction-free space to get work done. There’s limited free printing for students in the Student Center, meaning you can print off all of the study materials you need and then some. The Student Center is also home to a grocery store and the UCA Bookstore, where you can buy school supplies and scantrons as well as UCA gear. There’s limited free printing for students in the Student Center, meaning you can print off all of the study materials you need and then some. The Student Center is also home to a grocery store and the UCA Bookstore, where you can buy school supplies and scantrons as well as UCA gear.


Donaghey Hall

It’s hard to beat studying in a coffee shop or chill restaurant, and Donaghey Hall is home to a few of Conway’s best. Blue Sail Coffee and Mosaique Bistro are located on the first floor of the residence hall and offer coffee, tea and a wide variety of tasty menu items. The relaxed atmosphere, convenient location and late night hours make both ideal locations for getting work done.

Also in Donaghey Hall is the brand new UCA Makerspace, powered by the Conductor, which launched September 5. This space serves as a place where the UCA community can see their ideas come to life and get help on projects from Maker Ambassadors. You can also sign up for classes and workshops to learn about everything from 3D printing your own products to micro manufacturing jobs.

Donaghey Hall 2 .jpg


One of your greatest resources in test prep and research is going to be the Torreyson Library. In addition to the thousands of books and articles available in the library, there are also single and group study rooms, all with whiteboards inside. There are laptops available for rent as well as computers, and students can print using their BearCards.



Studying inside for too long can make you stir crazy, and sometimes you’ve just gotta get outside. Luckily, being a UCA student means that studying and being outside aren’t mutually exclusive. The campus-wide wifi allows you to access the internet anywhere—yes, even when you’re outdoors. The fountain at Harding Centennial Plaza is one of the most serene and picturesque spots on campus, and students can often be seen doing homework while enjoying its view. There are also plenty of tables around campus where you can enjoy some fresh air without losing any study time, and there’s even a hammock farm on campus if you feel like stretching out to study (or taking a nap between study sessions).

fountain (1).jpg


You can’t power a study session on an empty stomach, so it’s important to know what your quickest and most convenient food options are. This is where your BearCard becomes your best friend—it’s part of your meal plan, but you can add money to it at any time. Most restaurants around town will offer student discounts with your BearCard, but there are plenty of options on campus as well:

If you absolutely can’t get out of your dorm to study, you can have pizza or Bite Squad delivered to your residence hall.



If you’re worried about having to trek across campus just to find a decent place to study, fear not—there’s a shuttle service for that. On-campus shuttles will take you wherever you need to go, from apartments to athletic fields to the library. And the best part—they’re free! Bus schedules are available online and shuttle routes are available online or on the free UCA shuttle app, which has real-time updates of the shuttle and its stops.

Good luck and happy studying!


Have you ever thought about how many changes come with starting college? New town, new school, new classes, new schedule, new friends, new activities, new living space! It can all be pretty overwhelming. And to add to the chaos, you get to share tight quarters with sometimes a complete stranger. Cue the panic mode. But don’t actually, it’s not that bad! There’s a reason people continue to live with roommates throughout college, and it’s because they can actually be pretty helpful. Having someone there with you when you first get to school sounds pretty intimidating, but don’t worry, we’re here to help! Whether you and your roommate are best friends or complete strangers, there are some easy things you can do to ensure you keep all the good vibes in your dorm room.

  1. Communication is key - Having a roommate is almost exactly like being in a relationship with someone. Talk about EVERYTHING. And no, not just your favorite color and your high school sweetheart. Talk about your likes and dislikes, what makes you frustrated, how you like to spend your free time, etc. Heck, even take a personality test together and talk about how you are similar and different.
  2. Agree on shared/independent spaces and things - Do you have certain things you don’t want someone else to touch? Does it bother you when someone plops down on your bed without asking or warning? Don’t be alarmed when your spacial boundaries are different than your roommate. Boundaries are different for everyone so be sure to ask their boundaries, and you do the same!

  3. It’s okay to complain or have confrontation (respectfully of course) - Nobody likes a complainer, but it’s okay to talk about issues or problems, especially EARLY on. The sooner you talk about it, the better. If it’s annoying you that they never replace the toilet paper, tell them the first time, not the 10th. If you don’t like how they always leave their wet towel on the floor, kindly ask them to make sure and hang it up. Being open about problems and issues will only help resolve them faster. *PRO TIP* - If you’re feelin’ extra, talk about these things in PERSON, not over text. It’s much easier to be understanding (for both parties) if you’re talking face to face.

  4. Dealing with stress - There are lots of ways to handle stress. Whether you like to exercise it out or cry it out, let your roommate know. It’s important for them to understand how you will react in times of stress.

  5. Compromise - You have your habits and routines; so does your roommate. Don’t assume they’re going to change their whole lifestyle just to fit yours, and vice versa. Living with a roommate is all about creating a space where you can both be yourself. If they’re a loyal Game of Thrones watcher and you want nothing to do with it, for goodness sake don’t make them stop watching it. Be respectful and work your schedule around it! It’s one time a week, come on.

  6. Cleaning schedule - This will totally make you feel like your mother, but creating an organized cleaning schedule is really the only way to accomplish keeping a tidy and clean room. It’s surprising how quickly things dirty up, especially with two people in close quarters, so pay attention to your OWN mess and most importantly, SHARE duties. Talk about the cleaning situation the first week and stick to it. *PRO TIP* - Charts are helpful!

  7. Grocery shopping and eating - Are y’all splitting groceries and toiletries? Are you rotating grocery shopping or keeping all food separate? Talk about it! Trust us, you will regret not being open when your freezer full of Halo Top is gone or your toothpaste tube is empty.

  8. Don’t expect to be BFFs - It’s important to get to know your roommate, but don’t worry, you don’t have to spend ALL your time with them. It’s a fact that the better you know someone, the more accepting you are to them so set apart some time to spend together. You’ll be living together so be someone your roommate can trust. You can be each other's best asset or worst enemy. If you end up BFFs, how cool? If not, whatever.

  9. Talk about sleep schedules - Are you a night owl or early riser? Do you snooze the alarm 8 times or pop right out of bed? These are questions to ask! Sleeping in the same room with opposite schedules is tough, but doable. Be respectful of their time and sleep, and they will do the same for you. At the end of the day, college students are sleep deprived, so create an environment that’s comfortable to snooze! *PRO TIP* - College naps are GOLD. Include naps into your sleep schedules.

  10. Bathroom habits - No one wants to be stuck on the toilet without toilet paper, or find hair on the walls in the shower. If you’ve been living by yourself, you might have never noticed your bathroom habits and vice versa. It’s common to not know your expectations until something happens, so be aware and when it does, talk about it.

Living in a toxic environment is not healthy and can only harm your college experience. If you feel like you or someone you know is having a difficult time with their living situation, our housing team is here to help! Please contact Dr. Stephanie H. McBrayer, Director of Housing & Residence Life/BearCard for guidance.

Dr. Stephanie H. McBrayer
Director of Housing & Residence Life/BearCard
(501) 450-5932

College of Business

The business world is constantly evolving and changing, and sometimes it can be tough to keep up. Enter UCA’s College of Business, home to more than 1,500 undergraduate students and more than 100 graduate students, all taught by about 70 faculty members. Students have opportunities to get hands-on experience in a number of different business fields—from accounting to marketing to management information systems—through the College of Business internship program, one of the most active in the state. Back in the classroom, students are trained in how to make a difference in both the business community and in society. Our students are also in the business of getting hired—the quality education College of Business students receive is highly recognized throughout the state, with major companies prioritizing UCA grads in their hiring decisions. To learn more about the College of Business, visit

College of Education

When UCA was founded in 1907, its purpose was to train students to become professional teachers. Though we’ve added a few more areas of study since then, our dedication to building up future educators has remained the same and made the UCA College of Education the premier program for educator preparation in Arkansas. With programs in teacher preparation, education leadership, instructional technologies and more, as well as advanced programs in specialty areas, UCA is home to some of the most sought-after educators in the state. But don’t take our word for it, just ask one of the many UCA grads scoring above the state and national averages on their licensure exams. Learn more about the College of Education at

Honors College

You don’t have to stop learning when you leave the classroom. The Schedler Honors College at UCA allows students to live in a community of like-minded students who share the same passion for learning, diversity and scholarship. With opportunities to volunteer, study abroad and enjoy a full ride scholarship, students in the Honors College become leaders on campus and in the workforce. Learn more about the Honors College here:

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

There’s a great big world out there to study and explore, and your journey to discovering it starts at UCA. Our College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics offers degrees in biology, chemistry, environmental science and more. When you study in state-of-the-art facilities like the brand new Conway Corporation Center for Sciences and Dr. Edmond E. Griffin Planetarium, even the sky’s not the limit! To learn more about the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, visit

College of Liberal Arts

Passionate about exploring ideas and broadening your understanding of the world around you? You might be a perfect fit for the College of Liberal Arts. Through scholarly and creative endeavors and the exchange of ideas, students in the College of Liberal Arts gain knowledge of different disciplines and graduate prepared to take on a rapidly changing professional world. The College of Liberal Arts offers degrees in a variety of subjects, including English, history, political science, sociology and more. To learn more about the College of Liberal Arts, visit

College of Health and Behavioral Sciences

UCA produces more healthcare professionals than any other school in Arkansas. Offering students hundreds of hours of practical, hands-on experience in more than 1,000 health-related professions, the College of Health and Behavioral Sciences is the largest college on campus and is home to the departments of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Nursing and more. To learn more about the College of Health and Behavioral Sciences, visit

College of Fine Arts and Communication

Studying in the College of Fine Arts and Communication doesn’t just mean performing well on stage—our students perform extremely well in the classroom and beyond. Students develop their skills in the departments of Art, Music, Communication and Film, Theatre and Creative Writing, with all departments placing a heavy emphasis on practicing to perfect your craft. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from the best in the business both in the classroom and through the Artist-in-Residency program. Prepare to lead the next generation of artists, communicators and scholars with the College of Fine Arts and Communication. To learn more about the College of Fine Arts and Communication, visit